Unit 9

Career Plan and Goals:

Stage one: Test the waters(take what I can get).

Continue work experience and gain contacts.

Stage two: Get sponsored.

Try to get a sponsored job in England in prop making for a year. So preferably a prop shop. I would like to force my way into a small and personal company because there would be a broader range of work. I am also quite big on model making so I’d like to find one that does both.

Stage three: Take it over seas.

Move back to America and continue my film prop making and model making there.

Future goals:

  • Develop a web presence. So a blog, twitter, whatever it takes.
  • Create one kick ass portfolio of work I would enjoy doing.
  • Research how the industry works in America, Move there.
  • Work on 3D models and maquettes.
  • Start a workshop that makes small scale things like maquettes for larger marketing companies.

20 dream jobs.

Weta Workshop

Volpin Props

Mark Woolard

Plowman Craven & Associates

Jim Henson’s Creature shop

Legacy Effects



Spectral Motion

The Glue Factory

Spur Creative Workshop

Kerner optical


Spur Creative Workshop



Creature Effects

John Weller

Lakeland Mouldings


New Deal Studios

Sideshow Collectibles

McFarlane Toys

New Contacts:

Autodromo ltd.

http://www.autodromo.co.uk/Harriet Addyman

Managing Director

Unit 5, West Wales Business Park
Redstone Road
Pembrokeshire SA67 7ES
United Kingdom

Markus Blee (elstree thing)



Custom Creations

Daniel Carey-George


1 Prinsep Road, Hove, East Sussex BN3 7AB


Adrian Getley


office: 0203 427 2224

mobile: 0787 893 2243

Application materials:

This is an updated C.V. done with the aid of Harriet.

Curriculum Vitae 2

And an application filled out for Autodromo Ltd.

Cover Letter Autodromo

Cover letter I used later for all 12 companies I emailed.

Cover letter, work experience

This cover letter I just used for them all and just changed the names on them. I was going for more of a quantity over quality kind of approach. But hey I still got plenty of results.

And updated C.V.

Curriculum Vitae better

Images I included in emails:

Places applied:

I emailed and sent an application in the post to 12 places. I weighed the quality with distance from me to decide which ones to contact.

1. Autodromo ltd: http://www.autodromo.co.uk/

2. Alchemy 3dc: http://www.alchemy3dc.co.uk/

Jamie – 07786905376  Jason – 07767250088

3. DB props: http://www.dbprops.co.uk/

Dean and Phillip – 01932592733

4. Creatures Inc. Ltd: http://creaturesinc.com/

02089048825  02088401168   07799035738

5. Models and Effects: http://www.modelsandeffects.co.uk/


6. Plunge Productions: http://www.plungeproductions.com/

Tim Simpson – 01273421819

7. Robert Allsop and Associates: http://www.raprops.com/home/splash01.htm

Robert – 02086544391

8. SFX GB LTD: http://www.sfxgbltd.co.uk/

Neal Champion – 01932592416

9. Whetton and Grosch: http://www.whettonandgrosch.co.uk/


10. Evolution VFX: http://evolutionvfx.com/

Richard – 07957142635   02083329633

11. Custom Creations: http://themodelmaker.co.uk/

Daniel – no number

12. Aztec Modelmakers: http://www.aztec-modelmakers.co.uk/

Alan and Robert Smith – 02089772010


Plunge Productions offered paid work for one week. They called me before I even knew they had received my application in the post. Very positive.

Evolution VFX also called after I had left a message. They wanted to squeeze me in, but I had already accepted plunge’s offer. They told me to call back anytime.

DB props. I called and they said they loved my letter and would look for a place to put me in the coming weeks.

Models and Effects called me after I left them a message and offered me a job in oxford with paid hotel for 2 weeks.

SFX GB LTD. answered the phone but had no jobs going on at the moment.

Robert Allsop and Associates asked for a larger portfolio which I sent and then didn’t respond.

Alchemy 3DC doesn’t do work experience.

Whetton and Grosch don’t do work experience.

I never received a response from Creatures Inc. Ltd., Autodromo, or Custom Creations.

Work experience completed:

So far I’ve done two weeks at Elstree Studios on Last Day on Mars and one week at Plunge Productions.


I’ve received a request from a friend to make a D20 container. This is what he initially requested:

“Hey I was thinking about your offer. Could you make me a D20, possibly made out of clay or something of the like. About the size of a baseball, hollow on the inside with the top half being removable.” – Dylan Johnson

Because he didn’t have a perfect vision he allowed me to design everything else. I have been giving him updates via my website and facebook to ensure that he is happy with my work. He agreed to pay me materials and shipping.


I also started a new website for blogging projects with my portfolio and C.V.



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