Unit 3 – Week 1

Week 1: box, fishy sword, fillers, wood, hellraiser box.

This first week we started off by making a “fishy sword”. This odd thing is used to push the last bit of wood through a saw and to keep your hands away from moving blades. Its main purpose was to train us on the bobbing sander, the disc sander, the band saw, and the circular saw.

Next we had to create a cube out of wood. for this we used the corded circular saw and the table saw to cut up the sheets. We then screwed the carefully measured pieces together and sanded it down using the disc sander to make it nice and square with no edges sticking out. Next we were to filler the surface using artex a wood filler commonly used on ceiling designs. It proved too too difficult but I still did 3 coats to be safe. The worst part was the screws on the surface. Filler does not like to attach to metal.


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