Unit 3 – Week 2

Week 2: flintlock pistol, poly carving, fillers, scrimming, glazes, and varnishes.

Next project is big food. I drew custard cream out of the magic hat. Bought some of them and tried them. They weren’t very tasty but seem an amusing thing to make a giant version of. I made it 500mm x 300mm x 180 mm which is smaller than most others but seemed appropriate given how small custard creams are. I decided to make most of it out of poly styrene but do the details in the blue styrene. We learned about different ways to coat the foam to make it strong and get rid of the foamy look. There is hardkote which gives a stony texture and is fairly easy to sand which I will be using because biscuits have a sort of stony look to them. Also there was foam coat which is expensive but really strong and easy to use. Scrimming is the most used option which includes using scrim, which is a cloth. You do it similar to fiber glassing or paper mache. You paint on watered down pva glue and add strips of scrim and then dab more glue on top of that. There was one more that was like a really thick paint called Idenden. I used it for the cream part of my biscuit. I then used the hardkote on the outside to make it have a biscuit texture. It worked out but was very tough to put on and took about a day to dry. I then mixed was ready to paint it, add a wash and I’m done now.


Then we learned about glazes.

  • Water based glaze wears out quickly, is white but dries clear, and you can add it to any water based paints.
  • Roscoe color coat water based varnish is stronger and acts like enamel
  • Yacht varnish is the toughest, is poly urethane based, and is dissolved using white spirit
  • Transparent polish drys very fast, is great for wood, and dissolves with methylated spirit
  • French enamel varnish(FEV) is the same but is dyed with shellack

Matte glaze kills the shine and is available water based. It’s basically PVA and you can just use PVA because its the high level of glue in the paint.

Shellack used to be made out of the dissolved chemicals on a beetle’s shell.

Polystyrene isn’t dissolved by methylated spirit.

FEV and felt used to be used to make armor for films. Like scrim.


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