Unit 3 – Week 5

Week 5: fiberglass, technical drawing, filled puppet heads, google sketchup


  • Polyester resin based.
  • Fiberglass is the actual material…made of woven glass.
  • Puts of lots of heat
  • sets in 15 minutes, cures in 24 hours
  • Acetone is the solvent
  • The catalyst is very acidic and dangerous
  • the fumes are heavy so it sinks to the floor
  • Don’t ever let go of the catalyst while the cap is off.
  • only takes 2% catalyst by volume

You can use two different types of fiberglass mat, and surface tissue. And two resins, lay up resin, and gel resin.

Mat is a thick layer of fiberglass and surface tissue is really thin and flexible. Lay up resin is the standard polyester resin and is very thin. Gel resin is meant to be used on its own and is very thick.

Setting refers to when a material goes solid and touchable. Cured refers to when it is completely done reacting.


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