Unit 3 – Week 6

Week 6: model making, silicone, fast cast.


3 types Scale, prototypes, and replicas

Scale can refer to anything made to a different size whether its smaller or larger than the original. To make sure something is 90 degrees you can use the 3.4.5 rule. If you measure 3 one direction and 4 the other side. The distance between the end points should 5.

Tools for technical drawing: Ruler, pencil, calculator, protractor, paper.

Books to get: Technical drawing for Stage Design by Gary Thorne

Model Making materials and methods by David Neat

Silicon: Very sticky and splatters everywhere. Requires 5% by weight catalyst. You need to spray most things with a release agent because it will seep into small pores and get stuck. It picks up every little detail. Even more exact than latex. It is more expensive though.

Fast Cast:


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