Unit 3 – Week 7 & 8

Metal Work, Dragon Heads, self study.


  • always wear a facemask
  • Gloves and apron recommended.
  • Turn on the valve first, then the pressure, then switch the machine on. Make sure the pressure is at 15 in the “green zone”
  • Don’t wear polyester, it burns holes straight through
  • Clean the metal of grease before welding.

This was the design we decided to follow for that dragon that I drew up. Just looked a few pics of chinese dragons and decided to make a bit of a combination with a couple bits of our own. (Chinese dragons don’t usually have tongues like that or eyes that are on the side.) This was where the teamwork fun began. I found the hardest part about the teamwork was that no one besides Magnus and I had anything to add creatively until after we had drawn something or welded. Then the others would pipe up and give their opinions. The best part though was that Magnus had lots of interesting approaches to take and inventive ways to get a desired effect.

The beginning pieces of the Dragon Head after Day one. Not a lot of progress had been made, but that’s because I was designing by myself the first half of the day. Later the others got on board a little more.

I found the welding to be quite difficult at first, but I quickly started to understand how it worked and it made it a lot easier.

This was the dragon at my favorite stage. There were a couple things the group wanted to do that I disagreed with that I thought would distract from the good design we already had. The only pieces not on in this photo are extra teeth and scales on the top. I really didn’t like the way those would look so I took a lot of pictures of the Dragon at this point. At this point I added a couple more pieces and then left the scales to Lucy and Janene.

During this week the only projects I had left to finish were the fiberglass mask and the cube. So I did the mask this week.

I decided with this one just to have a look in the skip and find a couple interesting pieces to add to my mask. So I found a funnel and some latex painted cloth used for the land strider. I repainted the cloth and cut it up and used a stanley knife to cut beak with teeth out of the funnel. Interesting but one of the oddest I’ve seen around the class, haha.


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