Unit 3 – Week 9

Skill in context, team skills, and finish work.

We had two talks about skills that we have and teamwork.

We filled out a sheet to get an idea of how our skills are distributed. After filling this out I actually felt like I must know more than I thought. It was neat little thing.

There was also a personality sheet about teamwork. This was amusing. I ended up being a shaper, which is a leader that is confident but tends not to be able to tolerate inadequacies. I already knew that, haha. I think the whole class had fun with that one although it made me cringe hearing people brag about their results. yuck.

We had pointed out the complex structure of who prop makers work for and with. It got really convoluted but I like to learn as much about this stuff as I can. If I can get a picture of the board I would put it up, because writing it out in sentence form would make it even more confusing.

Last thing I needed to worry about was the box. I just had to finish cutting the sides out of card and then paint them with a paint called “liquid gold leaf”

I’m really happy with the box. I’m surprised just how professional it ended up looking.

This Week I only had the box to finish so I started a little side project to try and finish in a week and see how it turned out.

I decided to make a maquette of a Tyl. They are a race that I made for Dungeons and Dragons and I thought it would be useful to have a little statue of one. I started off by making a skeleton out of armature wire and building up with a layer of super sculpey. I cooked that using a heat gun and then applied a second layer to give it the general shape and then made a final 3rd layer for all the detail. I would cook each part as I finished it. I then glazed him to protect the super sculpey then started painting with acrylics.

I decided after I gave him a base paint to wash him with a dark brown to give him a wild and dirty effect. After that I found some leather scraps and a top of a pen for a belt buckle and Voila!

We have Bob (named by Gemma) the Tyl. I’m extremely happy with it. I might do some more things to him in the future, but I would consider this done enough to present. One design thing about the Tyl that may seem confusing is that they have extremely large arms and seem quite top heavy. The idea is that when they run they do so like an ape using their arms to move quickly, but when they aren’t they move very slow.

I decided to leave Bob out and write about him here because it’s what I did with my extra time. Time I had because I had finished my work to a standard I thought presentable.

Lastly the picture of everything finished. I’m quite happy that I was able to get everything done. Especially when I see that people that put a lot of time and effort into a specific item didn’t get some of the work done.


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