Unit 4 – Children of Eden

There were few jobs for Children of Eden. There were boxes that were going to be covered in fabric and used as steps; and shadow puppets of various animals.

For the Shadow puppet I chose to do the turtle. It was a simple draw and cut out. I left the painting and other bits and bobs to everyone else. That’s about it.

The boxes I decided to knock out and take on myself. Gemma helped and we cut out all the pieces for the boxes and screwed them together. It was a really accurate job and went smoothly.

I took the base pieces and made two frames underneath before putting the corners in.

All fit really well together. To get them to stay balanced I put the bottom frame down flat before screwing it together. Made them extremely steady.

Because these were being stood on I made sure to make it nice and secure. Lots of screws.

Never trust dancers.

All the finished boxes. Stacked neatly and ready to be handed to the second years.



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