Unit 4 – Devised Piece

The devised piece is based on a brief we were given focusing on Worthing beach. For the design I went and took some reference pictures to get an idea.

It was obvious that an important aspect of the beach would be pebbles. Noted

Some modern building on the beach front. Could be relevant.

Not actually taken in worthing, but it would be really interesting to include the style of houseboats they are very visually striking

I don’t konw why this picture is so small but again rocks and pebbles are really important.

After all the reference pictures and thought about the brief it was time to get creative and draw some stuff up.

I had several ideas ranging from shanty style driftwood sets to sea creatures. I settled on drawing up a monster beach hut. I beach hut that could be puppeteered and made look slightly monsterish…? Also for additional comic relief I drew up the smoking pigeon that we all joked about.

After seeing the actors and receiving feedback none of my ideas were used.

Then we made small simple props out of cardboard and rubbish to help the actors get ideas. I didn’t quite like the idea of using tons of rubbish so I stuck with my monster beach hut and made a 2 foot long cardboard beach hut with tentacles made of tubing with wire in the middle. The wire allowed the tentacles to be posed. I was really happy with what I had made and would love to make a full size version. Also I stuck to the pigeon and took the one in the room and put a cigarette in its mouth and a paper top hat.

Then it was time to create a 1:10 scale of the set and make bits and bobs to get an idea of what could be used. I remained adamant and made a beach hut that was sunken.

This is the model. I contributed to making the slats and had the idea of making them able to be taken down and rest on the side to block out bits from the audience and create silhouettes.

ok I am sorry that all of my images are thumbnail size but some how that is how they got uploaded to my computer. Anyway this is an above shot of the model. Not a lot to do with me besides the slats.

After we received a bit of feedback it seemed a good idea to start on the pebble rugs.

The interior of my pebble balls were duvet or the pink wood fabric.

Then I covered it with scrim and taped it with masking tape in the back. This was the speediest method and if everyone else did the same it would have taken far less time.

The first demo rug. Made to get an idea of how it would work and how difficult it would be.

The first full rug. It was all glue gunned to together and then painted. It looked terrible. This small picture just kind of looks like mold.

The mass of pebbles. It was hard from a distance to tell if they were cloth or rocks. Very professional looking.

While I worked on the pebbles I helped get the set in place. Really simple but I always find doing fast work with my peers irritating.

Pebble rug on the stage. Worked nicely being draped like this.

After the frames were finished there was the issue of how we would fix them to the pier and how we could then have the actors move them back and forth. I proposed the idea of using rope tied in a way that allowed the frame to always remain attached at one end and could be slid to stand on the outside of the pier. This was rejected because the actors wanted to remove them completely. It was obvious I couldn’t trust the actors too much so I tried to keep it as simple as possible, but they weren’t having it.

The next course of action was to paint the set. This would have been easy if it wasn’t so large. I ended up just splattering the set with lots of different colors to get the effect of grainy concrete. This bit was a lot of fun. I basically just got to have a paint fight to create an effect.

And this is the result. haha. Don’t worry the others looked worse.

The set with just the staging and scaff before it was put up.

Hopefully a good look at the paint on the set. Blends quite nicely from a distance. I added streaks of rust, some algae, even what could be some bird droppings.

Also shown is the tied up method for the slats.

After that I attempted to fix a rock that lucy started to help the actor with knee problems get on the stage. I quickly stopped when I realized that it was basically the same height as the stage and therefore useless.

The only thing left to do was sort out all the the little things before the get in. This included a new task of a “dust bag”. I decided to tackle it. I started out with making a small black bag inside of a painted rock.

I also added a bottle top on it so it could be refilled or left open to create a bigger ploom of dust. It got rejected.

I went through a few more simple prototypes before making the fenders. The fenders were made out of vac form plastic domes and rolls. The idea was to wrap it in red fabric, but it ended up looking terrible and we didn’t have nearly enough fullers earth to saturate all of them with it. In the end they just gave up and didn’t use anything. Thank God.

The get in was pretty simple. Everything thing was done as a team while I focused on stapling down the painted fabric to the staging. Which took forever to sort out the air hose/pressure so I could.

The get in…with people standing around. Didn’t quite look the same after being relocated.

The set in action. Yuck. They decided to start using the slats horizontally so Magnus and I inserted hardboard on the end pieces so it wouldn’t rip the fabric.

The lighting was dodgy but the set did the job. I think as far as looks go the best parts were the rugs and the slats when they weren’t being moved. Thankfully there were deck chairs to complete the image. If only the play actually made any damn sense it could have been great.


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