Unit 4 – Evita

Evita is an ambitious set to make but it’s been simplified into boxes to make it all easier.

I began working on them and managed to knock a good third of them out in a couple days.

A stack of the boxes after the first day.

I worked out making the boxes into a pattern to do them really fast.

It required a lot of g clamps, screws and ply.

The longer boxes were the more difficult ones. No hiccups though. I always enjoy wood work and this was really satisfying. I could definitely see this being done for a real show.

After all the boxes were done I stopped working on it until they did a run through of the get in.

Focus then was set on the clothes for the clothes line. They were cut out already all I had to do was take them up to the paint frame and paint them and put them on a rope.

I tried hanging them up to paint them first but they flopped about too much. So I deduced it was much better to lay them down and just risk painting my feet.

Painted clothes. The folds in the clothes from them just sticking them in a pile and not letting them lay flat caused hideous lines when painting them.

Then I hung them up on lines of rope and stapled them together. There weren’t clothes pins so I couldn’t make them stay in one place but it was ok because it would have been more convenient to move them if need be.

Then it was back to the Evita set. I helped texture it and put idenden in varying thickness on the boxes. Simple matter of taking a giant brush and slapping it all on.

The set complete with idenden. Easy peasy.


I had to put in the brace for the top of the set to be lifted. I just added extra strength in the top pieces then attacked flying rings with bolts.


Last safety measure. I did end up stripping one of bolts and had to just hammer it down because it wouldn’t go all the way in or come back out.


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