Unit 4 – Pallant House

Pallant house is the first project of the Unit. We are doing Evita at the same time so I’ve decided to just split blog into pages by project.

There were a lot of jobs to do but I started with the plinth.

We received a very simple sketch from Devon to start on. Then later a sketch up version.

The backside of the plinth.

I started by measuring the curve of the plinth out and using a jigsaw to cut out the 16m ply. the top half was done by another student though and was poorly done and required a lot of sanding.

Next I just framed up the inside with 3 by 1. Because this might potentially hold a lot of weight I put in diagonal cross beams to add extra structural support.

I had to glue the beams in place because there weren’t screws long enough to make a strong connection. This slowed me down and I couldn’t work on it until the next day.

This is the plinth before there was a problem with the height. We had made it too tall (design, not human error) and needed to cut it down. So i just took a handsaw through each of the pieces of wood and used the pieces that were cut out to reattach the two halves together.

Pic of what order we constructed it in. Two back sides and bottom first.

Then the top and the support struts along the front.

All of the legs cut through. Nearly a foot shorter than it was before. I would expect to get asked to make fixes like this all the time in industry so I didn’t really mind that much.

Shorter plinth. Noticed the reattached bits of wood. This actually ended up making it even stronger than it was before.

Plinth with the ply front on and a bit of paint. The front ended up being the most challenging part. Due to a defect in the curve of the top piece it didn’t lay flat and bent out of shape.

I had to screw and unscrew the front several times to get it close to where it should sit and I still had to cut off a piece at the bottom and filler the top where there was a gap.

Then I painted it all up. and it was ready to be moved in.

…Until I was told it needed a top and two back walls that set on it.

The walls were easy. Just a large piece of ply with an added frame to give it rigidity.

The top was a bit more difficult. It was going to have glass sit in it and so I needed to make a perfect hole in the middle 100 mm from the edge all the way around. Then it needed a groove so the glass could sit flat inside of it.

For that part I got a hold of the handheld router and cut a 6 mm gap into the inside edge all the way around. There were a couple slips causing lines in the wood but it was my first time using one.

After all the painting was done my work on the plinth was over and I made my mark.

I also helped with the tree some.

The job was to bulk up the bottom of the tree before it was idenden’d. So I took some expanding foam and poly styrene and glue pieces all over the bottoms of each branch. It was the most fiddley thing I had done at this point. It was extremely difficult to get the pieces to stay on so I ended up just taking bits of cloth and tying them together until the foam set.

I then cut my 50 share of leaves and after the leaves and tree were all painted helped attach them. This was just a simple matter of twisting them on but a lot of the leaves fell apart while doing so which set us back quite a bit. The tree was easily the most impressive thing we did for Pallant house.

One of the leaves on the tree. Close up it doesn’t look that convincing but far away with so many, it looked amazing.

In the middle here I was asked to cut out the bit for the champagne bar. This was the easiest part. I just had to cut a corner out of a massive bit of ply.

Then I started work on the daisies. They were very irritating work, but repetitive so you could just sit and chat while making them. I cut out round pieces of sponge. painted them orange; stuck those on a paper plate, cut the edges of the plate, painted the edges pink and they were ready for tubing.

My share of the 50 plates. Took longer than it looks like it would.

After this I took wire and twisted three bits together to create a base for the flower. Then I had to heat up the surgical tubing we were using and shove the wire up the length. If it was heated up the tubing wouldn’t have fit over the twisted wire. The only thing left to do after that was glue the plates to the tubes and done.

My work for Pallant house was then done. Just time to wait until the black tie event.

My fantastic plinth in all its glory. It cleans up nicely, I’ll say that for sure.

Also the champagne bar. I ended up painting the bottles and various small tasks of gluing. It ended up being one of the least attractive parts of the exhibit =(.



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