Unit 5

The project is kicked off with research training from Harriet. I did some research which can be found in the research page.

I brainstormed a bit before that and drew up a design I had. Originally wanted a couple characters in this as well. This was shot down quickly.

We came up with the idea of making a classical art style 2d scene in an animated style of Monty python. It was something fun to play with and look interesting at the same time.

Cardboard model mock up. gave a good idea of space, particularly 3d space which is hard to grasp when the technical drawing and characters are all 2d.

Characters drawn up by gemma and placed in the box to get a better idea.

I decided to split the mechanism and the model. This is the plan for the two boxes and measurements for what to cut out.

I was able to hook up the dynamo to the led’s I already had. It works but requires a lot of speed to work.

Made a large wheel to gear up and spin the dynamo. Didn’t work, but looked impressive.

This is the box for the mechanism with a frame for the model. I made the frame so as we made pieces of the model we could slot it inside of it.

Inside of the box with the main wheel. It ended up being much larger than I thought.

Test gears. I used wall plugs to get the pinwheels so they can interact at a 90 degree angle.

Lots and lots of gears I cut out. Most of which are usable.

Ratchet gear to make the spears of the characters move up and down.

New gear with fiberglass rod instead of wall plugs because I ran out of them and because they were a bit wobbly.

We decided to make the moulding for the box on the outside out of blue styrofoam and paint it up. That is red pva on it.

Same thing but frames for the paintings.

All of the gears so far in the box. Not much missing. Only a couple bits to add and lighting. Needs

All the bits together. I had to add a middle plank in the mean time. There is something that needs to screw to the top but I don’t want to put on the top. Also added a set of gears at the top because I needed to raise a mechanism so it could be seen.  I had to add something to hide it on top because it sticks up into the model.

An up close picture. I decided to make the mechanism for the dynamo a belt. The notched bit between the two ratchets on the left is part where it will go.

The piece that goes in the back. I had to run two small gears off the first one instead of one large one because i still wanted the part to go clockwise.

Wired up led’s I had to do this about 4 times before i got it right.

Inside of the box. I didn’t get a video but at this stage I had 3 out of 4 parts working.

Finished gears. Sadly the dynamo does not work, despite how lovely it looks. Everything finally runs smoothly consistently.

Gears locked away and the only bit left is to put together the outside of the box.

I made it so that if anything breaks the way to get into the box is through the back. The back panels are removable and the back frame/painting.

Everything on the box except the front. I also still need to add the lights. Which I decided to give up on the dynamo. I instead wired it up with a battery and made a button so that it cant be just switched on and off. The button is made to be held down so it can’t be left on and run the battery out.

Finished model. Everything looks smoothly and don’t worry the gear in the back can’t be seen from the viewpoint.

Finished box. Ta da!


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